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We Are

Owned and operated by GROUP10, a leading service provider in India, PLACER was born out of a keen desire to not only digitalise business but also to make businesses future-proof. We at PLACER have combined our industry expertise and leading technologies to pave the way for your future. We picture the future as intelligent buildings, machines, and fleets that will support us in our transformation towards optimised, profitable and efficient businesses.

How is PLACER enabling
such a future?

Big Data provides you with a vast pool of advanced and predictive analytics

A Unified Dashboard

A unified Dashboard integrates and unifies data, while using technology to communicate that data graphically and easily.

IoT Powered Monitoring

Holistic IoT powered sensors and devices collect and share data through a common connection.

Predictive Analytics

Based on the data, we put machine learning to use to make predictive and prescriptive analytics work for you.

Why PLACER is the right partner?

  • Over 250 customers use our solutions and services
  • Our customised solutions and services help you achieve your goals
  • We follow the highest security standards
  • We retrofit flexible and scalable solutions
  • We offer end-to-end comprehensive solutions: hardware, software, implementation and support
  • We provide monitoring solution 24/7 and are always ready to offer help and support

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