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Predictive Maintenance for Big Fleet

IoT-Based Real-Time Monitoring | Event-Based Notifications | Educated
Decisions that Drive Efficiency | Predict Potential Issues

Big fleet IoT, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics are paving the future of mobility. The large volumes of data on the journey of thousands of trucks and buses are crunched to give way to meaningful and impactful data in order to drive efficiency and take care of potential problems.

Here’s how you can Drive the Future of Mobility

Reduce Maintenance Time and Cost

With planned maintenance, the downtime and cost of repairs can be reduced. IoT-based real-time monitoring alerts you to damages, insurance costs, problematic driving routes, tolls, rate of fuel consumption (mileage) repairs and other external factors like heavy traffic.

Improve Quality of Service

Know which vehicles are performing optimally, and which ones are driving up costs. Improve drivers’ quality of service by identifying who needs monitoring and training. Vehicles and drivers influence fuel usage, delivery times and fleet efficiency, and with us, you can make informed and timely decisions that drive profit.

Maintain Spares Inventory

Running out of tyres and spare parts can lead to unexpected and sudden downtime, not to mention unplanned repair costs. Our big fleet IoT not only helps you maintain a spares inventory but also monitors and schedules maintenance, nipping potential repair problems in the bud.

Predict Failures

A faster and more connected system that holds valuable information enables you to plan and react quickly, and make decisions efficiently. The power to predict failures ensures constant optimisation, giving rise to leaner and safer fleets with extended vehicle life.

Reduced Fleet Downtime

Unforeseen downtime not only leads to loss in productivity and revenue, but also missed business opportunities and customer dissatisfaction. Monitoring driver behaviour, accurate asset tracking, quick accident reporting, optimal delivery management and safe navigation lead to reduced fleet downtime.

Enhance Vehicle Life

Often minor maintenance issues quickly multiply due to the sheer volume of the fleet. Plan maintenance checks, optimise driving routes, decrease empty-runs, plan when and how refuelling takes place, so you can drive fuel efficiency and enhance your fleet’s vehicle life while ensuring the safety of your drivers.

Key Features of our
Fleet Management System

  • Monitor Vital Parameters.Oil level, Oil temperature, Fuel temperature, RPM, Accelerator pedal position, Engine torque, Accelerator pedal low or idle, Brake switch signal.
  • Predictive Maintenance.Transmission RPM, Gear position, Suspect parameter number,Transmission oil filter restriction switch.
  • Centralised Lubrication System.Engine oil temperature, Engine coolant temperature.
  • Voltage Control.Battery voltage shorted or above normal.
  • Pressure and Temperature.Engine chamber temperature, tyre pressure and temperature, door, hydraulic retarder oil temperature
  • Fire Detection System.FDS-Hooter.

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