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Building Monitoring System

Real Time Monitoring | Event Based Notifications | Customized Dashboard

The safety, security, productivity and energy levels of your employees, equipment and infrastructure are of utmost importance and are what drive efficiency, loyalty and sustainability — and we have built this responsibility into the DNA of our Building Monitoring System. We give your existing building maintenance software a powered boost, and provide you with a clear real-time picture of the inner workings of your building so you can make instant, data-driven decisions to help improve efficiency.

Benefits of our Building Monitoring System

From operational transparency to lean operational costs, our Building Monitoring System will transform your business.

Benefits of our Building Monitoring System

From operational transparency to lean operational costs, our Building Monitoring System will transform your business.</p

Comprehensive Dashboard

We give you the power of big data and analytics in your hand: our dashboard not only tracks and monitors the inner workings of your building but also logs, reports, analyses, alerts, configures and performs admin functions to give you a view of the health of your building.

Monitor Air Quality

Stuffy workspaces not only affect people, but also machines; improved air quality boosts both, production, and morale. We help you monitor the climate inside your building and ensure your HVAC systems are primed to provide an optimal air quality at all times.

Occupancy Tracking

Monitor the movement of your people to know how to optimally use infrequently-used spaces and manage overcrowded floor spaces. Get to know instantly if someone is in a restricted area, or left alone in a freezer room, and take instant steps, or preventive measures.

Asset Tracking

We help you monitor the location and functioning of key equipment, especially in sensitive areas like hospitals, schools and hotels. You can also keep a tab on unused desk and work spaces – this, and more, through our sensor-enabled devices based on IoT.

Integration Facilities to Any Building Maintenance Software

Hit the ground running – we customise and retrofit solutions, so you can concentrate on production. Our solution is also scalable, helping you adapt to future expansions, not only in terms of equipment or personnel but also entirely new buildings.

Monitor Energy Consumption

We help you access your current energy optimisation, identify equipment and infrastructure that need repair or replacement, monitor your energy loads and electrical assets, and identify your biggest energy consumers. Get precise data on energy consumption and wastage.

Features of Building Monitoring

  • Maintain Air Quality. Be a humidity, temperature, and the general air quality boss.
  • Customer Alerts. Alert the right person at the right time to reduce downtime and drive production.
  • Sensors. Know the location and performance of your key assets.
  • Pollution Level Reports. Manage brightness, noise, pollution and other impurities at the press of a button.
  • Dashboard for Analysis. All your data in one easy graphical and visual dashboard.

Industries That Benefit

A smart and sustainable building increases profitability and output. We ensure the safety and comfort of your employees and infrastructure with our smart connectivity and scalable solutions, tailored to meet the demands of your industry.

Hospitality Industry

First impressions matter — deliver exceptional guest service while reducing energy consumption and complexity, and improving efficiency. We natively integrate your existing systems so that you gain visibility and control, troubleshoot remotely, personalise experiences, thereby increasing loyalty and revenue.

Health Care Industry

Life and death situations in the healthcare industry make active monitoring and management challenging. We help rise to the challenge — we make sense of data, connect your ecosystem of sensors, pharma, robotics, insurance and medical devices, and help seamless transition from lobby to operation rooms using IoT and RFID.

Food Industry

Our solutions help control the various elements in your building like HVAC systems, lighting, plumbing and security so that you can monitor and control water and electricity consumption. Our scalable and customised solutions ensure seamless connectivity of delivery, storage, cooking, chilling, reheating, serving, and display.

Agriculture industry

We ensure that your livestock and crops are constantly monitored in sensitive environments like greenhouses and irrigation hubs, and are seamlessly connected so you can lower your production risks and wastage, and plan for better product distribution. Our predictive analytics drives precision agriculture whether in the field or off the field.


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