At PLACER, Employee Safety Always Comes First

Our comprehensive and cognitive employee transportation solution ensures safety with efficiency, transparency and automation.

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What if there was a smarter, safer, seamless and sustainable way to commute?

Over 70% of IT and ITES employees use company transport to commute to work

Waiting for your cab can be quite stressful for you and your loved ones

Unexpected roadblocks and traffic cause delays in work

Unplanned routes and pickups eat into production time

You are in the safe hands of
digital experts.

Our own employees and drivers use our employee transportation solution.


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A Comprehensive and Cognitive Solution

Technology infused IoT guides you in real-time, so you experience a smarter way to commute

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Your bus will reach you in 10 min

Proximity alarm helps you plan your pick up time

For Employees

App gives you freedom to choose an early or late pick up, or cancel

Track your presence in the vehicle

Options like panic button, emergency contact, ‘reached home’ bring peace of mind

Emergency contacts list can track the vehicle

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Bus #2 needs refuelling before the next scheduled route

Coordinate delays en-route with team managers

For Transport Manager

IoT fuelled real-time tracking, route updates

Optimise the number of vehicles to save on costs

Driver and employee monitoring on graphic dashboard

Easy flow of communication between transport desk and employee

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Roadblock ahead! Rerouting to the optimal path.

Driving is easy with mitigated risks and congestion/roadblock alerts

For Driver

Optimised routes and navigation help drives efficiency

Transparency brings peace of mind

An overview of the pick-up and drop locations helps plan work and route

A Safe and Secure Office Commute

A cognitive, automated solution that connects all the stakeholders for a hassle-free ride

  • Native app for a seamless commute
  • Arrival and reached home notifications and alerts
  • Real-time vehicle tracking by emergency contacts
  • Dynamically optimise routes and vehicle usage
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Dashboard with commute details
  • Trip reports
  • Efficient route maps
  • Fuel adjustments


We will be happy to show you a simulated demonstration of how it works

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