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Machine Monitoring System

Real Time Monitoring | Event Based Notifications | Customized Dashboard

You’ve optimised your processes on the shop floor, but have you optimised your machines? We empower you with accurate, detailed, timely and objective answers that drive better decisions. All through IoT-real-time, and at a glance. We teach your machines to communicate among themselves and with your employees, and give a factory fit for Industry 4.0.

Benefits of our Machine Monitoring System

Empower your business, employees and machines with a scalable, secure and smart machine monitoring system

Condition Monitoring across the Floor

Continuous real-time monitoring through IoT and the cloud via sensors or manual input of data, drives value, detects deviations, and reduces variations.

Get Real-Time Alerts Anywhere

Service downtime or delays costs you customers, and on-site visits to diffuse problems are cumbersome and costly. That is why real time alerts anytime, anywhere are the norm, so you can troubleshoot quickly.

Easy and Quick Integration

No overhaul, no costly installations, no IT expertise required. Hit the ground running with our secure, and ready-to-deploy tailored scalable solutions.

Energy Consumption Data and Reports

Energy consumption is key to understanding the age and capacity of your machine. Monitor and know utilisation behaviour, so you can compare it with industry standards and bring your machines up to par.

Predictive Maintenance

Even a single machine can shut down the entire operation. Predictive maintenance is in-built through regular, sound analysis of the status, anomalies and downtimes.

Preventive Maintenance

We help your machines communicate: know its pulse, its health, so you can not only respond to malfunctions, but also take preventive care.

Wear Detection

Accurate data that is detailed and timely helps you optimise machine cycle time, eliminate scrap, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the life of your machines.

Features of Machine Monitoring

  • Higher EfficiencyHelp your machines reach their true potential
  • Digital SensorsIntegrate into existing systems to evaluate performance
  • FlexibleNew or old, we upgrade all equipment easily
  • Pollution Level ReportsQuality tracking and machine utilisation
  • Temperature RangeKnow your engine performance
  • Dashboard for AnalysisA live dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere
  • Custom AlertsIdentify important bottlenecks

Industries That Benefit

Energy Industry

Although renewable energy is unpredictable, your green future need not be. From electric vehicles to turbine engines, we ensure that all your energy sources are optimised, have a single source of monitoring, are scalable, flexible, and sustainable.

Manufacturing Industry

Connected multi-sensors and customised IOT solutions ensure that the manufacturing process is seamless, with minimum bottlenecks, even in harsh industrial environments. Your employees can start without IT skills, quickly scaling to data collection and maintenance work.

Food Industry

As the demand for more fresh, high quality, new and healthy food rises, we ensure your business can rise up to the challenge by ensuring your centrifuges, air compressors, ovens, mixers, pumps, conveyors, freezers and motors are always healthy and secure.

Construction Industry

Whatever the type of heavy machinery or environment, we monitor them remotely with supply, climate and fuel sensors, real-time site maps, concrete sensors, equipment trackers and structural health monitoring, and improve security, while minimising damage to the people and machines involved.


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