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We Make it a Reality with State-of-the-Art Technology

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Enabling Child Safety and
Peace Of Mind

We put technology in the hands of parents, bus staff, school administrators, to ensure a child travelling to and from school is safe and sound.

Safer Travels

Enforced, monitorable adherence to standard operating procedures and
accountability of bus staff and school administrators


Real-time visibility reduces waiting time and promotes better planning for busy parents

Swift Emergency Response

Access to support at the touch of an SOS button in emergency situations, for bus staff and children

Peace of Mind

The relief of always knowing your child’s movements to and from the school, as if you were there with them.

In-bus surveillance cameras stream live and record footage  during transit with  the facility to transfer data  automatically to the school servers.

Trust us.

We have thought through all details.
We’re parents too, and we fully relate to how you feel.

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How does it work?

A simple, effective solution.

bus Jalbur Road, Navi Mumbai

messages chat SMS Received

Bus would reach your location
in 10 mins

bell warning Notification

Unexpected traffic congestion.
Bus will reach your spot at 7.15

7.00 AM

Bus route planning, managing and monitoring

Easy – to – use app helps school administrators add, manage, and designate routes, and manage pick – up and drop schedules. They can also create and configure staff and parent profiles for messaging and notifications.

bus 20 Buses plying on schedule

messages chat Location Map
bell warning Notification

Unexpected traffic congestion.
10 buses delayed. Detailed View

7.10 AM

Dynamic communication between parents, bus staff, and school administrators

School administrators have command over the buses and routes at all times. They can dynamically respond to traffic conditions and optimise routes and schedules, and keep bus staff and parents in the loop, real-time.

bus Panvel, Navi Mumbai

messages chat SMS Received

Your child was safely dropped at school.

8.00 AM

State-of-the-art technology with child safety at its core

Parents and school administrators are notified in real-time as and when the child boards and alights the bus, with a simple swipe of a designated RFID card.

bus Change in bus number - 14

messages chat Location Map
bell warning Notification

Your child has boarded the bus. Expected time of arrival 4:00

4.00 PM

Smooth Pick-ups and Drop-offs
Notification alerts to make logistics smoother for parents

Real-time notification alerts help parents plan and prepare pick-ups and drop-offs in the case of delays.

Safety, without a compromise

…making possibilities with technology


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