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Digitalise or perish is passé, survival in the age of IoT and artificial intelligence hinges on convenience, security, safety and efficiency. Be future ready with the right monitoring services and solutions that leverage data and insights, and enable quick, data-driven decisions based on predictive and prescriptive analytics that maximise operations and mitigate breakdowns, downtimes and disruptions, and help you proceed with foresight.

Connected Solutions Designed
to Put Safety First

Travel Safety Solutions

Monitor every aspect of your child’s commute and every aspect of the school bus travel. Travelling to school and back has never been safer thanks to our cutting-edge technology.

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Safe Commute Solution

We put safety in your hands, literally. Smart, transparent commuting helps you track your vehicle presence in real-time, and gives options like panic button and reached home options.

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Big Fleet Management

Your fleet, drivers and cargo are monitored in real-time, at all times, no matter where they are. From oil level to fuel temperature and engine torque, we have you covered.

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Building Monitoring Solution

We make your building smart: we synergise critical and vulnerable assets, and keep your employees, assets and infrastructure both comfortable and secure.

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Machine Monitoring Solution

Maximise investments, increase efficiency, minimise downtimes and perform preventive maintenance on your machines through big data analytics, IoT and automation.

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Position Monitoring

Our innovative sensor technology constantly keeps you connected with your drivers, employees, and goods and assets, no matter the location, and helps you take immediate action when needed. We maximise your protection so you can focus on your success.

Condition Monitoring

24/7 monitoring, real – time representation and analysis keeps you one step ahead of potential threats — safety and deviations from the standard — always, wear and tear, and minimises downtime and repair costs. We minimise your risks so you can focus on your profits.


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